• End The Common Core Exams

  • We reject the Common Core exam and the forceful intrusion of the federal government’s education mandates upon our children’s lives. Educational standards should be determined at the state and local level, the federal level. Children have multiple learning styles and the Common Core methods fail to recognize this by penalizing children who arrive at the correct answer using a different path than they dictate. The Common Core approach to learning is impractical, as it unnecessarily complicates the problem solving process. We disapprove of the horde of corporate interests including Pearson and Microsoft that are profiting from high stakes standardized testing and attempting to impose their will on the lives of our impressionable learners.  We are disgusted that corporations are using the Common Core exams for the purpose of deceptively advertising to our children. We will not stand for the federal government collecting sensitive data and potentially exploiting our children by sharing this information with predatory corporations.  We are outraged that President Obama and Congress have once again turned a deaf ear to the voices of their constituents.  We demand that the Common Core be abolished permanently and renounce any other future federal educational testing initiatives.

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cathy hall,  Melbourne Florida  Nov 30th -0001 # 28
teaching my grandson is so hard he gets frustrated and i have had it with this math trying to get him caught up. Theythey dont have time to process the material when there getting pulled different directions try to work with him in English lit every thing is done the hard way. signed had it with this common core.
Gina Coman,  ORLANDO Nov 30th -0001 # 27
Cody Stacher,  Greenview Nov 30th -0001 # 26
Ivonne Jimenez,  miami Nov 30th -0001 # 25
Name not Displayed,  Fort Ann Nov 30th -0001 # 24
robert marks,  sanford Nov 30th -0001 # 23
Stephanie OLeary,  Plympton Nov 30th -0001 # 22
Keith  Brandt,  Royal Palm Beach Nov 30th -0001 # 21
Terry Mintmier,  Romney Nov 30th -0001 # 20
Sandy Reyes,  Pembroke Pines Nov 30th -0001 # 19
Keith Bush,  Doiglasville Nov 30th -0001 # 18
Name not Displayed,  Broken Arrow Nov 30th -0001 # 17
Common Core is bullshit that ostracizes the parents from being able to participate in helping their children with their homework. Common Core only benefits the rich aristocrats who pay for scumbags to shove this bullshit down kids throats and they use it to profit and line their own pockets. Common Core does NOTHING tobhelp kids learn math if anything it confuses them even worse!
Kirsten Lombard,  Madison Nov 30th -0001 # 16
Common Core and related education "reforms" that have ensued over the past several decades have increasingly centralized and standardized our education system. Such efforts ultimately translate as centralized management of people. Stripping away true education and replacing it with standardized training, meaningless activity, data mining, and career-tracking amounts to a predatory and abusive practice fostered by those that would use our children as cogs in a machine rather than honor their unique individuality and natural right to self-determination. I reject utterly the notion of leaving our children vulnerable in these respects, and I stand against any effort to enforce such an oppressive existence.
Paul  Torres ,  Fresno Nov 30th -0001 # 15
Common communism!
Chris Sumner,  Endicott Nov 30th -0001 # 14
Susan Garcia,  Buena Park Nov 30th -0001 # 13
Our Children need to learn, to pursue for tomorrow for smartness. Not for Dumbness! Not for Communism! OMG are we going towards China, who are told- how many children you may have , do my way or no way.( Hello Everyone, we live in California & in the United States of America) to go forward, for tomorrow. Our children are here to learn & decide to pursue & to think on their own- to prepare to be a Teacher, Scientist, a Doctor an Engineer, Our next President of USA, to become a Fireman or a police officer. Remember. & Appreciate our Parents, Aunts, Uncles &,Especially our Teachers- please do not give up on Our Future. Remember Our Statue of Liberty in New York, Liberty & justice for all- Especially our Children- give them a chance to learn the right way, Niw & forever.
Jason Klein,  Shelton Nov 30th -0001 # 12
Common core is fundamentally flawed and I have personally seen it lead to "teaching to the test" behaviors.
Name not Displayed,  1 Nov 30th -0001 # 11
James Green,  Silver Springs Nov 30th -0001 # 10
No more!
Name not Displayed,  West Palm Beach Nov 30th -0001 # 9
RJ R,  BOYNTON BEACH Nov 30th -0001 # 8
Signing this to get rid of the Common Core!
Yasmine Neal,  West PalmBeach Nov 30th -0001 # 7
Gabrielle Trainor,  Port Saint Lucie Nov 30th -0001 # 6
Learning is not as exciting as it should be.
Marshall Trainor,  West Palm beach Nov 30th -0001 # 5
Gabe  Diaz,  bayside  Nov 30th -0001 # 0